The dishes will look lovely!  But what happens after it’s over?

       Rinse them off & check the packing slips to place them back in their original containers reusing the supplied packing materials.  This is typically done by the catering staff, otherwise our Dismantling Service (11) is available.  For event orders of a certain size, we may require that our reps be on site to receive Relics inventory after each course & properly repack for safe transportation to load out at the end of the event.

Oops! I damaged it!  What happens?

       We charge a mandatory non-refundable 10% Limited Damage Waiver for delivery orders and 15% Limited Damage Waiver for will-call orders to cover use & lovin' (aka normal wear & tear: small nicks, small spots, small scratches, etc.).  However, accidents happen.  Things get misplaced.  Dishes get dropped.  It rains.  The client is responsible for gross mishandling or negligence of our rentals, including careless packing for transport, damage from inclement weather, or rentals & equipment not returned.  Insert frowny face emoji.

       Because we are a specialty rentals boutique, we source and maintain items that are unique to the rental market.  As a result, our procurement and maintenance costs are higher than many standard rental operations.  Due to higher procurement costs of tabletop items (such as non-wood/non-metal (i.e. glass, porcelain, etc) candle & floral items, food/beverage service items, & mirrored items), any irreparable or unreturned tabletop items will be five times the rental fee.  Unless covered by the Limited Damage Waiver, all other items' repair & replacement costs will be determined by an RR-chosen repairer/appraiser.  Credit card info is required at time of reservation to cover repairs & replacements.


If you have any other questions that we haven't answered, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you directly.