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But seriously.  What's the deal?

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I’d rather spend $$$ on more rentals than delivery services.  So can I pick up?

       Sure!  During normal business hours, Will-call orders can be picked up and dropped off at our warehouse, but rentals must be transported in a fully enclosed vehicle/trailer.  We’ll have your order ready- all you need to bring is some help & moving supplies.  

      Will-call pick up & drop off are by appointment only.  In order to accommodate any way we can, After Hours Will-call appointments are available for an additional fee so please inquire.  Will-call may be unavailable for orders of a certain size so please inquire.  Will-call orders under $250 will incur a handling fee to help reduce serious dock congestion.

      CAREFUL!  The majority of damages occur during transport & the client is responsible for all damages once rentals leave our dock (23).  You’re also welcome to work with courier services for smaller and same-day deliveries of eligible items if they’d like to pick up from us.  

I’m a china girl & I want yours!  How does it work?

       Nice dishes kick the party up several notches.  Once you know your menu or which pieces you'll need, let us know.  We’ll check availability & get back to you asap with a wish list of your requests.  All caterers welcome!

       No idea where to start?  We love this part!  We’ll walk you through our collections & advise you on what will work best.  Still can’t decide due to our over-the-top tabletop temptations?  A complimentary Dish Consultation is in order.  Or we can choose for you (06)!!

I’m claiming them for my event!  So how long can I keep them?

       We'll have your reserved pieces packed & ready one-two days prior to your event. Pick them up or have them delivered a day or two before your event, and drop them off or have them picked up a day or two after! Our pricing is per event, not per day, for client's convenience! Please inquire for extended rental rates longer than four days.

       Please note that during the DNC and other peak times, event orders will be subject to single-day event rental rates for each 24-hour period out of our warehouse.

My location is out of town.  That okay? 

       Yaaaasssss!!!!  We are travel size & so is our loot. We offer Delivery Services (09)Will-call appointments (14). Currently, we do not ship within the continental U.S.  For long distance venues, extended event rental rates (with required order amounts based on distance) & mileage fees apply, and overnight accommodations (and/or meals for the reps if onsite for an event flip) may be required.  See maps below for more info, then please inquire.  For inquiries outside of the continental U.S., please call us directly.

Can I combine my loot with your loot?

       Of course!  But keep awfully good notes of whose goes where so all make it back to the right home.  This will help you avoid some hefty replacement fees (23)

I only need a few things.  Do you require a minimum?

       Nope!  No order is too small!  But for advanced reservations and delivery orders, let us know if you need help or want to stop in. We'd love to assist you in finding additional items to meet the minimum for those services.

       For delivery orders, required order amounts vary by distance beginning at $500 in rentals so please inquire.

       Advanced reservations are always recommended.  However, the Blush, Hollywood, Glenda, & Lady Rose Seating and throne chairs are for delivery orders only.

       For orders less than $250 in rentals, just ring us and we'll take your order over the phone. For appointments the week of your rental date(s), we will try to accommodate pending our schedule & loot availability.  A 10% Rush Fee applies to allow our staff to prepare the contract, process the payment, schedule the drop-off appointment, pull the items, and prepare them, all on short notice while you wait.  (See 14 regarding will-call pick up/drop off policies and handling fee and see 23 regarding the 15% limited damage waiver.) Please allow at least one hour for the appointment.

       If you're one of our "friendors", just ring us!

It's down to the wire & I need some things!  Can you help me?

       No worries!  For last-minute/month-of inquiries, just contact us ASAP.  But keep in mind: we & our loot are quite busy during peak season with limited availability so advanced reservations (01) are recommended.  Although we’ll try to accommodate any last minute requests (i.e. within 14 days), we reserve the right to charge a Rush Fee, especially for items requiring prepping or packing (i.e. small items, dishes, chalkboards, etc.).

       If you're one of our "friendors", just ring us!

So many pretties to choose from!  Can I change my mind?

       Yep!  Excluding custom orders, order changes can be made but we don't give refunds or credits.  Although we’ll try to accommodate any last-minute changes (i.e. within 14 days), we reserve the right to charge a Rush Fee, especially for items requiring prepping or packing (i.e. small items, dishes, chalkboards, etc.).  If you're one of our "friendors", just ring us!

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If you have any other questions that we haven't answered, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you directly.