Giddy up!

We're here to make this as easy as possible.


I gotta have it!  What to do?

       Set up a meeting, share your story, swap ideas.  It’ll be great!  No time?  We're here to help!!  Find your style or just shop our lootNot sure what you need?  We're here to help!!  Or inquire about our design services. Either way, just send us some deets by connecting with us through our website, giving us a ring, or shooting us an email.  We’ll get you started asap.  

       Just want us to check availability?  Submit a wishlist and we'll get back to you asap with availability of your requests & info about gettin' it there & back.  

       Ready to seal the deal?  Once you confirm your wants & needs, we’ll send you a proposal with payment info.  Super easy!.










I wanna see your stuff!  How?

       We’d love to show you what we’ve got!  Just shop our site and give us a holler.  Already shopped our site & still wanna see our loot in person?  Then connect with us through our website, ring us, or write us to let us know what dates & times work best for you to stop by.  We're by appointment because we're often out servicing your awesome events and spaces & the street-level doors of our penthouse do stay locked.

I really wanna plan ahead.  But how far should I? 

       As soon as you have your date(s) & venue/location!  Think Relics first!  Booking as early as possible gives you the advantage with more available loot.  We do offer a save-the-date retainer.  Otherwise, it’s up to you but first come, first serve with a payment or deposit. 


My planner, caterer or venue said they’ll supply the dishes, tables, chairs, etc.  And they’re “included”.  But I want yours!!

       Have them contact us.  Chances are, they’re renting them from somewhere & hiding the cost in your fees. So why not have them rent the items from us?  Even if they have their own, we may be able to work something out. 



Save-the-date retainer!  What is that?

       It’s just like the save-the-date sent out for weddings!  A save-the-date retainer is for those of you who want first dibs on all our loot & services for your date(s) but still unsure of specific rentals/services you’d like to use.  A non-refundable save-the-date retainer of $5,000 can be paid to hold us & our loot for a specific date(s) with a two-day grace period if another person inquires about rentals/services for the same date(s).  The $5,000 retainer will be fully applied to the deposit that is due at the time of reserving specific rentals/services.  But hurry!  First dibs for weekends book quickly!


If you have any other questions that we haven't answered, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you directly.