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Here's the lowdown on what to expect for your event.

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We provide a specialty service with vast collections of unique and one-of-a-kind items, so what will it cost?  Since that depends, we've provided samples below. For reference, our event clients on average spend at least 2,000. on their order. 

Investment is based on:


Need a better idea of what to expect? Read on. Once you have a date(s) and venue, think Relics first, contact us, and we'll create a proposal for you.

Rental offerings & reservations:

Since our rental inventory is filled with one-of-a-kind items and carefully curated collections, our pricing is per item, unless noted otherwise, and per event. Please inquire for extended rental rates for items out more than four days. Please note that during peak times, event orders will be subject to single-day event rental rates for each 24-hour period out of our warehouse.


See individual items for specific pricing, otherwise, see sample rental prices below

  • Lounge Area: 500.-1000.

  • Upholstered Sofas 100.-300.

  • Upholstered Chairs 10.-250.

  • Dining Tables 20.-80.

  • Dining Chairs 9.-25.

  • Bars 40.-185.

  • Smallwares 0.50-75.

  • Architectural, Arbors, Backdrops, & Doors 20.-500.

Advanced reservations have rental order minimums that increase with distance to venue for delivery orders. See sample rental minimums below.  Otherwise, see maps at bottom of page for a breakdown of order minimums based on distance.

  • Will-Call (pick-up/drop-off at our place): no minimum!

  • Milwaukee County: 500.

  • Madison: 750.

  • Chicago: 1,000.

  • Door County: 2,000.

Rental order minimums do not include services or taxes. For more info on will-call orders with no rental minimum, please see FAQs. Last-minute reservations and order changes placed within 14 days may be subject to a Rush Fee. See FAQs for more info.

Custom projects/services: 

See here and our FAQs for more info.

Contact us for collaborations.  Check out our space rental​ page and our staging page for more info regarding those services.


        For site visits, one-hour creative consultations with one RR rep are complimentary for confirmed orders with a minimum of 1,250. in rentals. Otherwise, creative consultations are billed at an hourly rate per rep plus mileage (for locations outside Milwaukee County) and must be paid in advance unless a confirmed order has already been placed. Pricing starts at 125. per hour per rep and each additional hour is 62.50 per hour per rep.

Damage waiver:

       We charge a mandatory non-refundable 10% Limited Damage Waiver for delivery orders and 15% Limited Damage Waiver for will-call orders to cover use & lovin' (aka normal wear & tear: small nicks, small spots, small scratches, etc.). However, accidents happen. Things get misplaced.  Dishes get dropped.  It rains. The client is responsible for gross mishandling or negligence of our rentals, including careless packing for transport, damage from inclement weather, or rentals & equipment not returned.  Insert frowny face emoji.

       Any irreparable or unreturned tabletop items will be five times the rental fee. Unless covered by the Limited Damage Waiver, all other items' repair & replacement costs will be determined by an RVR-chosen repairer/appraiser. See FAQs for more info.

Installation/dismantling vs will-call:

With their attention to detail, our logistics team is THE BEST! Whether you need us to just deliver and pick up or you need complete installation & dismantling of your order, the prices vary based on distance, physical size of order, level of service needed, and scheduled times. See FAQs and here for more info.

Base rates per load during normal business hours are as follows:

  • Milwaukee: 125.

  • Chicago: 395. (inc. tolls)

  • Door County: 545.

Accommodations may be required for long distance venues. Please ring us or write us to inquire about our rentals and services for events in Wisconsin, out of state, and abroad.

Will-call is NO CHARGE during normal business hours for orders over 250. in rentals. For orders under 250. in rentals and for after hours will-call appointments, fees vary based on scheduled times. See FAQs for more info.

Sales tax:

We gotta do it. Unless you're tax-exempt so send over your tax-exempt certificate prior to reserving your order and we'll take it off.

Ready to nail down and reserve all of your RR faves?

Ring us or write us and we’ll get started right away!

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