Hey...wanna work at Relics?!
We're on the hunt for a Mr. Fix-it + Cautious, Detailed & Dependable Loot Relocator


Lookin' for a rad side hustle?! (Part-time) 

Wanna be a fun and friendly brand ambassador?



-Repair and maintain our loot in tip top shape?

-Play tetris with our loot in box trucks and client vehicles? 

-Cautiously hustle at event sites paying attention to order details, all the while minding your manners?



-Detail-oriented to pull and prep orders?

-Adaptable at a moment's notice?

-Prompt and positive?


And don't mind gettin' down and dirty?

And get to see alla the #BTS at some premier venues!



-A valid driver's license is a must to haul our treasures to the event site and back (in a non-CDL box truck).  

-Muscles for lifting up to 75 pounds, or more with additional help.


If this sounds like your jam, then you just might be the one we want!

Now send us your deets NOW to info@relicsvintagerentals.com